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Design & Visual Communications

The Design and Visual Communications (DVC) student who successfully completes four years of the program will be able to acquire an understanding of photography, digital cinema, design elements, design principles, color theory, typography, drawing, and animation. The student will also be able to produce and print digital media for specific purposes.

Our curriculum

Course Design

Our students are instructed utilizing Adobe Creative Cloud Applications and Apple Computers. 

CTE Freshmen Explore

  • Career Safe Training
  • Elements of Art
  • Principles of Design
  • Typography
  • Design Workflow

                DVC 1 - Grade 10

  • Natural Light Photography
  • Basic Character Design
  • Introductory Animation
  • Digital Illustration Techniques
  • Introduction to Digital Cinema

DVC 2 - Grade 11

OSHA 10 Hour Training

  • Elms College Dual Enrollment Course
  • Advanced Studio Lighting
  • Digital Painting
  • Advanced Character Design & Animation
  • Advanced Digital Cinema & Motion Graphics
  • Summer Portfolio Development


                 DVC 3 - Grade 12

  • Senior Thesis & Concentrated Portfolio Development
  • Digital Illustration Techniques
  • Website Design
  • Marketing & Entrepreneurship

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                               MEET OUR INSTRUCTORS

Mr Scott Brubach
Mrs Trish Kemp

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