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Instructional Leadership Team
Facilitate communication between colleagues and administration surrounding instructional practices and turnaround efforts in order to enhance student achievement

Members 2018-19
Joaquin Bello (Foreign Language)
Jody Couture (PE/Health)
Ryan Dunphy (CTE Business)
Dan Falvey (Mathematics & Special Education)
Greg Guertin, (CTE Automotive)
Shawn Kozikowski (History)
Andrew Lamothe (Vice Principal)
Kristina Lyon (Science)
Kara Macken (Health/Child Development)
Derek Morrison (Principal)
Isabel Olszewski (ELA)
Christine Theroux (Academic Supervisor/Facilitator)
Mission Statement
“The Chicopee Comp Instructional Leadership Team is a group of teachers and administrators who meet bi-weekly to discuss key education concepts and instruction for our building. Through reflection and discussion they identify problems, themes, and obstacles in education and seek solutions that can be implemented to improve teaching and learning in our school. Our current focus is student engagement, parental involvement, and improved communication.