Electronics Scanner Notification

November 21, 2022

Good Morning,

Upon return from Thanksgiving Break, students at the Chicopee Public Schools secondary schools may be subject to non-invasive searches for electronics to ensure that cell phones are not utilized during the school day per District Policy. The Chicopee Public Schools will be utilizing electronic scanners during the morning drop off process and if necessary throughout the school day.

Electronic Scanner Protocol

It is the policy of the Chicopee Public Schools to continually work to provide a safe environment in which students can learn and participate in all programs offered or sponsored by the school system. If a school department employee is confronted with a situation which s/he considers to be unsafe for any reason or in violation of District policies, s/he should report the circumstances involved to his/her building principal.

If at any time any school official has reasonable suspicion to believe that any student is in possession of an item in violation of District Policies, s/he shall take steps appropriate under the circumstances. Immediately upon learning of reasonable suspicion to believe any student has such an item, the school official shall take steps to see that the student undergoes a

hand held electronic detector search. This search shall take place as follows:

1. The search will be conducted by a school official and at least one other school employee present for the search. Whenever possible, the Principal or Vice Principal shall conduct or participate in the search.

2. Any items that are found at any time during this process that are in violation of school policy will be confiscated.

3. The student will be informed that, in accordance with the school safety policy, s/he is about to be subject to a hand held electronic detector search, and asked if s/he has any electronic items like a cell phone or vape or any other items that violate District Policies.

4. The student will be asked to empty his or her pockets and to remove any items that violate the District Policies, like a cell phone or vape.

5. The electronic detector will be run over and across the student’s body, clothing, backpacks/bags or purses in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

6. If the electronic detector sounds, indicating an electronic device or other contraband on the student’s person or belongings, the student will again be asked to remove items from his or her person and/or belongings.

7. The search will proceed until all electronic items or contraband have been removed or identified as not being in violation of District policy.

Any student refusing to cooperate with any part of this electronic detector search process shall be subject to appropriate discipline, including alternatives to suspension, suspension and/or expulsion, within the discretion of the Principal and/or the Superintendent under applicable law, and shall be so informed.

If you have any further questions or concerns about this matter or others, please do not hesitate in contacting me.


Andrew Lamothe


Chicopee Comprehensive High School