Facilitate communication between colleagues and administration surrounding instructional practices in order to create student centered climate and promote student achievement.


2 years ago

The CCHS Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) is a solution-oriented group of educators and administrators who meet once per month to discuss instructional practices and school culture, and how it affects student achievement.  Each department has one or more representatives in order to enhance communication.  Through reflection and discussion they identify obstacles, success stories, and themes in order to seek solutions that can be implemented in order to improve instruction and achievement in our school.  Our current focus is:

  • Focused Instruction with effective communication of academic content using a posted agenda with Do Now, learning objectives written in student friendly language that is tied to a standard, whole group lesson, small group/partner activity & summarizer.

  • Instructional strategies with student discourse using different types of collaborative instruction provided (anywhere in the period) with increased student engagement and responsibility for learning, and less teacher led, whole group lecture and note-taking.

  • Active participation and engagement of students in complex tasks, persevering while answering higher-order thinking (HOT) questions.

  • Formative Assessments (FAs) (non-technology-based or technology-based) used in real time to inform instruction and provide feedback to students and how they will use it.

Theresa Ceria (Science) Jody Couture (PE/Health) Kara Gebo (Health/Child Development) Shelley Gingras (Math, Biology & Special Education) Greg Guertin, (CTE Automotive) Shawn Kozikowski (History) Andrew Lamothe (Principal) Kristina Lyon (Science)

Isabel Olszewski (ELA) Mike Reagan (Math) Christine Theroux (Assistant Principal/Facilitator)