programming Club

PROGRAMMING CLUB (Girls Who Code Club and Python Club) ADVISOR: Mrs. E. Bielech

PURPOSE:  Programming is a basic literacy in the digital age and in fact programming can change the world. Students are growing up in a very different world than that of their parents. Cell phones, computers, YouTube, Netflix, and Facebook are embedded in their daily lives. Even toys are digital, and many are programmable, such as Legos (check out Exploring Computer Science class and AP CSP to learn more get hands on experience). Learning how to program is like learning any other language in that the skill must be practiced and tested out. In the Python club, students will experiment with Python language on topics like variable declaration, logic statements, loops, etc. (no experience needed). The Girls Who Code club will work on creative programming projects as well as have an opportunity to meet with successful women in tech! Do you see yourself working in a tech company like Google in the future? Start coding!!!

Meeting Times/Location

MEETING TIMES:  Girls Who Code Club will begin meeting on 09/20 (will meet every other Thursday following that) Python Club will begin meeting on 09/27 (will meet every other Thursday following that)

DUES/FEES: None, fundraisers may be held

SEASON: All year