CCHS Advisories 2018

6 years ago

Advisory Bell Schedule


What is Advisory?

  • It is a structured delivery system for academic, career, and social growth through the sharing of pertinent information.
  • It is a program designed to bring students and staff together to enhance student’s educational experience and ensure academic success.
  • Time for students and staff to discuss meaningful academic topics, outside of a teacher's academic discipline.
  • Time for 10th grade students to become more familiar with their future MCAS proctor.
  • A block of 20 minutes between periods 4 and 5, which will take place each Friday, from February 2, 2018 through May 18, 2018.
Role of Advisor (staff member)
  • Serve as an adult role model and advocate for students and foster relevant relationships.
  • Provide opportunities for conversation and trust-building in a non-academic setting.
  • Help explain to students that CCHS staff expect a high level of academic achievement for all students.
  • Help provide answers to student questions related to course selection, high stakes testing (MCAS), and college readiness.
  • Encourage students to set rigorous yet attainable academic goals.
  • Help to create and promote a positive school environment and experience for all students.

Advisory Bell Schedule