CCHS Attendance & Attendance Policy

2 years ago


Chicopee Public Schools High School Attendance Policy

Reminder to Parents & Guardians:

When your student is going to be absent or tardy, please call the Attendance Office at 413-594- 3534 to report the absence.

Teens who attend school regularly have stronger bonds to their school and are more likely to graduate.  Good attendance also creates a habit that can carry over into work later.  Consider these tips:


  • Set Expectations. Being out for even a day or two a month can hurt your child’s performance.  Tell him/her that the only acceptable excuses are illness, family emergencies, or college visit.


  • Discuss results. Point out that missing school means he/she will have to make up course work. 


  • Keep in contact. Write notes or call the Attendance Department to notify the school that your child is not skipping.  If he/she does skip, contact the school so you can create a plan to get him/her back on track.


The Appeal Process (updated 5/27/22)