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Continuing Education

5 months ago


City of Chicopee
Continuing Education
Chicopee Public Schools
617 Montgomery St., Chicopee, MA 01020

Dr. John Kozikowski, Director
Tel: 413-594-3555 Fax: 413-594-3402

Course Calendars 2017 -2018

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A Message from the Director

School Year 2017-2018

The Chicopee School District’s Continuing Education program welcomes all members from diverse communities to participate in its evening courses.

Whether your interests lie in the Fine Arts or more traditional technical skills areas, the program strives to meet a majority of interests.

The Chicopee School District’s Continuing Education program remains an opportunity for residents of Chicopee and its surrounding communities to continue an affordable and relevant cycle of life-long learning.

Residents are encouraged to enroll in offerings most germane to their individual interests or needs.

The program is always looking for suggestions for new course offerings and ways in which to improve current offerings.

Please contact the director with comments, questions or suggestions by email at or by telephone at (413) 594-3555 Monday through Thursday between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM.

Continuing Education Registration

Please take note that Evening School, which is offered by the Chicopee School District, is now Continuing Education.

Electrical Licensure Process

Chicopee Comprehensive High School Graduates of the Electrical Technologies Program, who are seeking their hours toward licensure, must provide the properly completed forms.

Chicopee Comprehensive High School will complete the form, including the hours each individual is entitled to receive.

The appropriate application forms are available at the following link: Click on “Applications and Forms.”

The school needs form 222 (Certificate of School Experience Vocational Schools). Candidates should read the Candidate Information Bulletin: Vendor Information/ Application/ Examination Process.