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WELCOME TO THE Comp Career Center

Career Counseling: CTE Freshmen
Career Counseling: CTE Freshmen
October: CTE Freshmen are currently undertaking career assessments and receiving career counseling from Ms. Chevalier.
Career Center AFter Hours

Through a Connecting Activities grant, the Career Center will be holding after school workshops to help students with college, career and work readiness preparation. Students are encouraged to sign up in the career center.
Department Contacts:
Kara Blanchard

Carrie Chevalier

Melissa Strange
Career Centers Mission and Vision
College & Career Center Mission

The Chicopee Public Schools Career Centers are committed to providing exceptional career development services that engage, educate and empower their students so they can become productive individuals who contribute to society. We focus on individual life goals and facilitate planning and preparing students for the workforce and post-secondary education. The Career Centers embrace diversity, supports access and equity for all learners, and welcomes partnerships across and within our schools and community.

College & Career Center Vision
The Chicopee Public School Career Centers will be a welcoming, fully functioning and well-rounded resource for students, faculty and families. The Career Center will collaborate with the school departments and the community to empower students with career development and post-secondary planning resources to pursue meaningful careers and lives. The Career Center strives to promote individuality and diversity when helping students develop
life goals.
Cooperative Education
The Cooperative Education Program provides an opportunity for eligible students to participate in paid employment during their career/technical areas with a related area employer. They receive fair and competitive wages and valuable work experience. The employers are expected to grade students based on criteria provided by the school. These employers become partners in the educational process by offering expanded learning opportunities in the workplace.

Eligibility for Seniors (Abridged)
Co-op eligibility, at the beginning of the senior year, depends on the following junior year criteria:

• A final grade of C- or better in each academic subject.
• A final grade of B- or better in junior year CTE program.
• MCAS competency determination based on scores in all required areas.
• Obtained OSHA 10-hour safety card.
• Meet school’s term or yearly attendance requirements.
• Instructor recommendation.

*Students who are not eligible for cooperative placement at the beginning of grade 12 may become eligible based on their report card at the end of any term during the senior year.
A great way for eligible seniors to acquire entry-level work-based learning experiences related to a career path. Internship hours and commitment vary depending on the organization, transportation needed and interest of student. Internships are a valuable way for students to garner the transferable skills that employers are seeking as well as an opportunity to learn about networking.