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Name: Ms. Fahey
Room # 437

The Visual Art Club provides every student at Chicopee Comprehensive High School the opportunity to interact with diverse individuals from 9th through 12th grade. Students engage in a variety of methods and materials that are unique to the visual arts. Student can collaborate with other students or work on their own art work in a quiet safe environment.

  • Art Recruitment Flyer
  • self portrait acrylic
  • Chicano Art Acrylic
  • Self Portrait Acrylic
  • Native American Pottery
  • Sushi Pottery
  • Baboon Acrylic
  • Butterfly Acrylic
  • Recycled Sculpture
    Butterfly Acrylic
  • Peacock Acrylic
    Butterfly Acrylic
  • Self Portrait Acrylic
Meeting Times & Location
Room 437
See advisor for meeting times

Sign Up: Open enrollment & approval of the club advisor. New students are always welcome.